Grow & harvest fresh produce at home


Wow! We’ve had an overwhelming response to our Micro-Gardens offer and they’re now SOLD OUT out for 2020.

We’re stoked to be sending hundreds of containers of fresh veggies ‘into the wild’ to our community members – we know you’re going to love having fresh-picked produce literally on your doorstep.

For those who missed out, you can still get your hands on hyper-local, picked-just-for-you produce at our regular On Site Market.

During these unprecedented times we’re looking at different ways to help people grow their own food.

Many of our restaurant partners are closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, which means we don’t need as much production from our GrowSpace to service them.

But we still have hundreds of plant-growing containers – it would be a shame for such an immense food-growing capability to go to waste!

Which is why we’re bringing our food production to your patio, inviting the community get your very own TOPSOIL edible micro-garden.

We get it growing and deliver the containers to your door. You get to harvest fresh vegetables for you and your family to enjoy. No need to go to the grocery store with fresh greens right at your fingertips.

Have a piece of our farm, at your place.

Join the TOPSOIL community of people growing their own food at home.

We plant, you harvest

We plant your crops, get them growing and deliver the micro-garden to your home.
You get fresh-pickable produce at your fingertips.
Order online

Choose from 4 yummy crop types and decide how many containers you want in your micro-garden (3, 4 or 5)

Orders must be placed by 1st May

We pre-grow your garden and deliver it ready to harvest

During April we’ll be planting and growing your crops for you.

Containers are delivered fully grown and ready to start picking.

Deliveries will take place between May 3 – 10.

(Or you can choose to pick up your garden from our GrowSite at Dockside Green)

Learn about tending and harvesting your crop.

Micro-Gardens comes with a handout of basic growing & harvesting tips. With careful harvesting your garden should provide fresh produce for at least 6-8 weeks.

We’re also launching a new TOPSOIL YouTube channel! We’ll be sharing How-To videos of tips & tricks for tending and harvesting your produce, storing fresh greens and getting the most out of your micro-garden.

Keep or recycle

The containers are yours to keep. When your TOPSOIL crops are done you can replant the containers with more veggies, flowers, give one to a neighbour, or whatever you like!

If you decide not to keep the containers you can drop them back at the TOPSOIL GrowSite at Dockside Geen and we’ll recycle them for you.

Home-grown greens at your fingertips

Home-grown produce lets you eat fresh every day.

Working from home? Make lunch using your own just-picked produce.

Veggies-on-demand means less need for trips out to the grocery store.

Ultra-fresh greens retain maxium vitamin content – a great way to boost healthy eating during COVID-19 isolation.

Great activity for kids!

We already know from running our school outreach programs that kids love learning about growing food.

A TOPSOIL micro-garden is a great hands-on learning opportunity for kids at home. You could even turn it into a project for them to track the growth and development of the plants over the summer.

Tennding and watering your food garden is also a nice outdoor ‘screen-free’ activity the whole family can do.

We’ll be posting some kid-friendly videos on our YouTube Channel to get them learning about how plants grow and where food comes from.

Pro quality, easy care

You get the exact same containers, soil and plants we use to grow our restaurant-quality produce.

Material: containers are made of a strong and durable geo-textile fabric

Size: each container is 18 inches (46cm) diameter / 14.5 inches (37cm) tall

Location: Containers are recommended for outdoor use only (excess water will drain out the bottom). Best suited to a sunny spot in a yard, porch, balcony or patio.

Care: easy to look after, just make sure the plants get sun and water.

Four crops to choose from

Mix & match the crop types you want.
One crop type per container. Micro-Gardens can have 3, 4 or 5 containers.
Red Oak Lettuce

Red oak has been the choice lettuce in our mix for many years. Red oak is resistant to bug damage and because of its beautiful burgundy colour, the leaves are resistant to burning from the sun.

The leaves have a buttery texture with a slight crunch. Perfect for fresh summer salads!

If harvested with care this lettuce will last several months in your micro-garden container.

Example recipe: Red Oak, fennel & radish salad with red wine vinaigrette

Green Mizuna

Mizuna is an Asian plant from the mustard green family and has been cultivated in Japan since ancient times.

The attractive dark green serrated leaves have a distinctive mild peppery flavour.

It’s a low maintenance plant to grow and can be enjoyed raw or cooked. Add to salads, toss with pasta or stir fry it. It’s also a fun alternative to arugula – TOPSOIL’s partner chef love to scatter it on top of fresh made pizza.

Example recipe: stir fried mizuna with garlic and bacon

Red Russian Kale

Red Russian is TOPSOIL’s top variety choice for kale – fast growing and delicious!

The leaves have a sweet, nutty flavour. Tender for the first few harvests, over time the leaves develop a denser texture that’s great for stir fries.

Kale is an easy plant to maintain and can grow year-round in Victoria for months of continued harvest.

Delicious eaten raw, sautéed, baked into snack-worthy kale chips or made into homemade kale pesto!

Example recipe: Kale & red onion low-carb breakfast squares

Rainbow Chard

This colourful variety of Swiss Chard is a nutritional powerhouse, chock-full of vitamins K, A, C plus magnesium, potassium, iron and dietary fibre.

Both the stems and leaves are edible, with a mild flavour. Parents of picky eaters often find chard’s milder flavour better accepted than other stronger-tasting greens.

It can be eaten raw, but most people prefer it cooked. Flavours that work with  spinach will go with chard: think butter, lemon, cream, garlic, shallots and vinaigrette.

Example recipe: Easy creamed chard with garlic breadcrumbs

My FED Farm partnership

We’re pleased to be partnering with My FED Farm – an initative supporting families and laid off workers affected by the COVID-19 situation. TOPSOIL is helping My FED Farm to donate free home-based food gardens to affected families.

Together we can help community members who may otherwise struggle to afford ongoing access to fresh, healthy foods.

When you purchase your own TOPSOIL micro-garden online you can opt to donate a bit extra to go directly to support the My FED Farm programme.

(Know a family or laid-off worker who could benefit? They can apply for a My FED Farm garden here.)

My FED Farm


$45 per container

(min order 3, max order 5 containers)

Price includes: geo-textile container, high quality growing soil, fully grown plants, tending & harvesting instructions, delivery within central Victoria.

One crop type per container (approx 3-8 individual plants depending on the crop).

With careful harvesting your crops should supply you with fresh produce for at least 6-8 weeks.

Delivery area

Free delivery to addresses in our central delivery area:
postal codes starting with V8V, V8W, V8S, V8R, V8T, V9A, V8P, V8N, V8X and V8Z

Customers in the Cordova Bay (V8Y) area can choose delivery for a $15 fee.

If you live outside our delivery area or would prefer to pick up the Micro-Garden yourself you can choose to collect it from
the TOPSOIL GrowSite at Dockside Green, 395 Harbour Road

Micro-gardens will be delivered / ready for collection between 3 – 10 May.

Order your micro-garden

Limited number of containers available, and once they’re gone, they’re gone

… and they’re gone! After overwhelming demand our Micro-Gardens are SOLD OUT for 2020

We’re excited for you to experience the satisfaction of harvesting your own fresh-grown produce – there’s really no feeling like it!

We’ll be connecting online with our TOPSOIL at-home micro-gardeners throughout the season to share our growing tips, harvesting advice and even some favourite recipes with you.

Order now to secure your micro-garden and join the fun.

Orders must be placed by May 1st.

Yes! I want a Micro-Garden!

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