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Premium fresh local produce

Victoria boasts one of the highest densities of restaurants per capita in Canada. The culinary bar is set extremely high, with each establishment constantly searching for a competitive edge.

Meanwhile, the local food movement is growing exponentially, with consumers going out of their way to support locally sourced & sustainably grown food.

TOPSOIL is pioneering Victoria’s new hyper-local food economy, and we mean business. We’re partnering with passionate chefs who want to put themselves on the culinary map by serving the highest quality, freshest, most local produce in the city.

“You can’t beat food this fresh. I’m constantly blown away by the flavour and quality of the produce TOPSOIL delivers.

I’ve put huge effort into creating our menu items and it’s so satisfying to use quality ingredients to bring them to life – and the customers keep coming back for more. It’s a win-win all round.”

James Avila – Head Chef,  Fiamo Italian Kitchen

From garden to kitchen

Fresh produce is hand-harvested from TOPSOIL at Dockside Green and packed directly into sealed, food-safe containers.

The just-picked produce is delivered directly to the restaurant within hours of being harvested.

When TOPSOIL arrives at the restaurant we neatly place the food containers in the fridge, ready to be washed, prepped and served. Once the produce is used, the containers are collected and re-used for the next harvest – eliminating unnecessary landfill waste.

We strive to provide each chef with consistent deliveries at the quantity you desire. Delivering twice per week cuts down on required fridge storage space and allows chefs to always be working with and serving fresh produce.

Fresh, seasonal, local produce at your fingertips

As local as it gets

Restaurants can now source produce grown just a few blocks away – a powerful competitive advantage that’s appealing to both local diners and the tourism market.

Freshest in town

Chefs already know fresh picked produce tastes the best and presents the best. Now imagine being able to work with fresh local produce the day it was harvested – even within minutes of it being picked!

Consistent Deliveries

We deliver just-picked produce direct to restaurants twice a week so that chefs can always be working with fresh produce.

Crop planning

Chefs that are partnered with us at the start of each season are informed about what we will be growing. This allows the chef to plan their menu accordingly.

No wasteful packaging

Produce is delivered in clean food-safe plastic containers first thing in the morning, straight to your fridge. Empty containers are collected, washed and resused.

Clean and safe

ZERO chemical fertilizers, pesticides or sprays, and our harvest & delivery processes are Vancouver Island Health Authority approved.

Fresh herbs growing in a garden and being used by a chef

Fresh produce picked and delivered straight to your kitchen

“Showcasing the best food on Vancouver Island is the heart of what we do.

Topsoil has actually made our lives easier as cooks and chefs in that the quality of the product is so high it shines in and of itself.”

Ali Ryan – Executive Chef,  Spinnakers

Ready to wow your customers?

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TOPSOIL is partnering with a select number of Victoria-based restaurants who want to serve the freshest local produce to their customers.

Give us a call or an email, or use the enquiry form below.